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Day 11- 20Mg



so finished my 1st pack yesterday, whoah, hah.


  • i had 2 identical spots on both middle of my cheeks, they started out red and increasing in size and then the next day they were a HUGE whitehead, which i popped both, woops. they were angry eyes staring at me! i couldn't go to work like that, so now they are red spots but flat w/o the whitehead, hopefully this will fade
  • along the spot on the R cheek are a few other small red/ whiteheads kinda in a cluster
  • HOPEFULLY this is the IB? 11 days, is that enough for an IB or just normal spots that i would have gotten? idk i hope IB
  • i did put some BP on just those spots to help heal them up
  • forehead is great! maybe 1 spot thats nothing
  • chin is also good
  • mainly the problem areas are my cheeks!
  • my pores seem slightly larger and blackheads more noticeable across the front of my face, not sure if it's just in my head though
  • so i guess not too bad

    side effects:

    • dry- lips are getting a little worse not unbearable
    • dryer face but because my face is usually so oily it's almost like just normal! thank god! i still have to use a blotting sheet 1x day but much much LESS oil than before, i probably could get away w/o using one but i'm so used to it i think
    • i'm sure my face will get dryer but right now i'm kinda glad it's more normal!
    • headache a couple of days when i don't drink enough water
    • slight dry eye

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