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Omg Enough Already

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So I still have bumps on my jaw line and a few whiteheads on my cheeks. I also have some mild acne on my right shoulder something I have never experienced before. I have stopped Retin A and I am using BP on my face at night. I cannot believe after my third and most terrible Accutane experience I am not clear. 80mg a day and currently weigh less than 50kg for 5 months. I am seeing my Dermatologist on Friday and I am going to request low dose Accutane maybe 10mg a week as he suggested. I am on Diane 35, Retin A and BP in the morning and I am still not clear. I am frustrated as hell. I eat clean, exercise at least 4 times a week and take care of myself and I am still suffering from acne - enough is enough.

I am following the The Acne Cure book - I used the method once before after Accutane and it cleared my face up for the next 7 years - I hope it will do the same. I really done want to go back on Tane again but I cannot live with bad skin.

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