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Day 86 ... Loss Of Appetite And Possibly Weight



okay for the past three days this has been pretty awful now...its only just dawned on me that its probably a side effect frmo the med. IM. NOT. HUNGRY. ever. and when i try to eat because i realise i havn't eaten in ages (i can go all day/over a day without eating and not realising it) i try to eat and i feel... sick and really overly full and lethargic like i can't keep anything down. in total since being on accutane i have lost around 7lb and that was a few weeks ago when i got weighed by the doctor for my medical and god only knows what i weigh now cos its getting really bad.

mind you this could be a number of things, i'm going through a break up and i'm also very stressed with uni work and deadlines so it might be that.... i don't know has anyone else been through this????

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