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Day 14



So not a WHOLE lot has been happening, but here are the updates.

My skin: Is looking better. My scars are beginning to fade which is a GREAT sign since it's so early in the treatment. I have about 3 active pimples. 2 of them are on either side of my mouth and they just keep popping back up. The other is on the upper right side of my cheek...and I picked at it. Blackheads appear like they are getting closer to the surface on my forehead, but it's not real noticeable yet. I am still gently exfoliating about every day.

Side effects: A teenyyy amount of blood in my nose, but not even enough to count. Body aches...feeling like I've been walking around an amusement park or something all day just when I've been out shopping for an hour or so. Dry upper arms (not bad yet), but they were dry before I started treatment. Dry lips, but no cracking and they're not disgustingly red like last time. They appear perfectly normal, they just feel weird and it's annoying. Not very hungry in the morning, but it's getting better. Hair still seems the same..it may be a LITTLE dryer. I am washing it every other day right now. Feeling very tired a lot of the time (especially right now). Chest pains when I inhale sometimes.

That seems to be about it. i am thankful that I haven't had some of the other side effects I had last time yet like dry eyes and sensitive gums. I am looking forward to seeing my progress at the month mark. Oh yeah...and I am starting to feel itchy under my left nostril which as I remember, is the first sign to the skin cracking right there. So I am trying to keep that moisturized.

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