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Brief Update

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A damsel in Distress


Its been awhile since I'v posted anything but I'v been sick as a dog for I don't know how long. Right now I have a ear infection and I have optical Migrains on top of it all. eusa_eh.gif

But an update for my face is, it's actualy doing ok. I'm recovering from a breakout right now. I swiched my multi vitamin to one a day womens with healthy skin support. It had something called Lution or Biotin or something in it and broke me out something AWFULsaywhat.gif

As soon as I stopped my skin stopped breaking out and I'v been trying to heal it up.

Even if Lerosett never clears my skin I will always use it. It heals stuff up like nobodys business. And I LOVE the healing serum. Like LOVE itwub.png

As far as exercise and weight......I'v been sick. so don't judge me.

But I'm not giving up. God is my strenghth. He will fight for me.

Delighfully, Merolleyes.gif

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