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Getting Better But Not Fast Enough

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So my skin is getting better but I still have these small tiny bumps near my jaw line and a few small bumps on my cheeks. When I wear makeup nothing is really visible but I can feel them. I am using Vitamin A Acid 0.05% at night and it doesn't seem to be helping these tiny spots. I have never been a fan of Vitamin A but my Dermatologist insists I keep using it. He said being on Diane 35 and Vitamin A Acid will prevent the acne from coming back full force. This is solution - only if I plan to never have children - lol!

I am going to make an appointment for tomorrow and see what the Doctor says - he told me his goal is to control my acne meaning one sore pimple every 3 months. He has done it before so I am hopeful.

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Hey I've followed some of your blogs and comments on different topics. I'm not sure what your current regimen is like or what you've tried, but I can admit that the biggest thing (for me personally) what got rid of- or rather- how those stubborn bumps went away- was changing my moisturizer.

I did some research on dimethicone, which is in almost all makeups, primers, lotions, and soaps. It is essentially a silicone, which gives products a smooth texture. That's why it is mainly in makeup primers, so that your makeup is applied smoothly. Anyways, some people believe it doens't clog pores, but some believe that it actually creates a barrier on your skin, blocking pores. Have you ever worn sunscreen or makeup, and it's a little hot out, and your face is just melting? It's like, your skin is somehow suffocating? Versus if its hot and your not wearing makeup or moisturizer, then the sweat on your face isn't as much. I don't know if I'm explaining it right lol. Anyways, I decided that I was going to try it and put it to the test. In September of 2011, I was at a point where I was using very expensive topicals, using all natural organic makeup that had about 3 ingredients in it, and I was still struggling with these dang clogged pores everywhere- forehead, jawline, mouth, chin, cheeks.

I found an amazing moisturizer on Pratimaskincare.com. They don't use any alcohol, unnatural chemicals, no preservatives, no silicones, etc. I've been using this sunscreen for 5 months, and about 90% of my acne is gone. (ya I get a random zit here or there) but I have received soo many compliments on how my skin is glowing and soo smooth. And it is. Granted, my skin was already purging from Veltin when I started using Pratima's products, so after the purge was gone, my face was really healing and clearing up. One time, when I had run out of the sunscreen, I used my old bottle of Olay and my skin liked freaked out. I literally felt my skin was suffocating (like someone put saran wrap on my skin) and I washed it off a few hours later. It was awful, and I was reminded that I will never go back to a simple drug store brand.

I think it's more than a coincidence that I changed moisturizers. This is the first and only moisturizer I've used that doesn't have all those harsh chemicals and preservatives in it. My skin doesn't tolerate all of pratima's products (like botanical moisturizer) but this has truly dramatically changed my skin. I don't have those stupid stubborn nasty clogged pores anymore. The sunscreen is expensive ($18 for 4 oz.) but...it is worth EVERY cent. Even if you don't get their product, begin looking at moisturizers that don't have dimethicone or alcohol products in them...

Anyways, best of luck! I hope your derms and doctor listen to your concerns and give you the best care!

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Thanks so much for the advice my moisturizer does contain dimethicone - I guess it is time to switch it up. I will let you know how it goes.

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