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My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 10 & 11

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Description -

End of another two weeks! So I have started track season and I have much to talk about. First, having allergies and taking Accutane is very bad. From the constant usage of tissue, I managed to get a HUGE blister on the side of my nose! It went away after 3 days (accidentally popped it).

Side Effects -

- Same old

- Minor nose bleed that didn't come out

- Back pain

- Can't leave without my chap-stick, I have 3 open and used constantly

Advice -

- Every night apply Vaseline into your nostrils with a Q-tip. This will help prevent it from drying and result in bloody noses.

- Apply vaseline onto places that are dry and easily crack. I apply it on the sides of my chin and the part my earlobes touches my head.

- VASELINE - From my experience Vaseline causes my pores to clog and create black heads. This is because vaseline moisturizes by trapping moisture inside and skin. However, for oily people it will also trap the oil in. Therefore, even with Accutane I refrain from applying Vaseline onto my nose, which is especially oily with bigger pores. I will do another review when I am done with Accutane or such.

Skin This Week -

- Two (quite large) pimples during week 10, however it went away but left two scars

- skin (anywhere) gets damaged or scraped easily

- Annoying blackheads and whiteheads


So I started track season with a hurt knee (I don't think it's from Accutane). Anyways, I am not sure if it's because of tane, but after my first race five days later I am still not recovered and fatigued. Then, I had another meet yesterday which didn't help at all. With tests and everything, I have been very tired lately. My back pain and restricted me from doing certain stretched and warm ups. In addition, since I am as dry as a dry prune, during races my nostrils and throat has been especially dry. Therefore, I do recommend taking Accutane one week before the end of your fall sport so you have one whole off season for Accutane.

Thanks for reading, see you in two weeks!

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