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Day 1~Day 4 (20Mg)



Hi, I decided to post up my blogposts extracted from to

Day 1

Just came back from the Doctors. My blood test results was fine, everything was normal except for the thyroid production? I'm not really sure. Had to take another blood test to test for Hypothyroidism cos apparently, I had lower than normal count?

After I left the Doctors, I went straight to the Labtest and took a blood test. It was one blood test tube for Hypothyroidism so that is good.

I am put on 20mg for first month. -16.02.12 Thursday - Day 1

And I will have another appointment with the Doctor in a month's time when I do finish 30 capsules of 20mg and I will most likely up it to 40mg. Meanwhile, I am happy with 20mg for now.

Just took the Oratane 20mg capsule, once a day. And, I feel fine haha. Obviously no effects yet. But will keep this blog updated.

Day 2

It's Day 2 of taking Accutane/Oratane.

So, after taking the first pill (Day-1) in the afternoon. Before I slept at night, I could feel my forehead becoming tight? My face felt congested, I don't dare to touch my face. I washed my face with Cetaphil gentle cleansing wash followed by moisturiser and felt bumps on parts of my face (especially my forehead).

This early afternoon, I woke up and looked in the mirror. Yes my acne/pimples are still the same but I have a few sore acne/pimple coming to surface on my forehead, left jaw and chin. I'm not sure whether it's the Oratane or whether I had a pre-breakout before Oratane but either way, washing my face is kinda sore especially on the forehead.

As I'm typing this, I feel as if I have shit-loads of acne/pimples surfacing on my forehead. Hate the ones on my temples because it makes it even more sore?

Just looked in the mirror, seeing where all my new acne/pimples are situated at.

My forehead - no whiteheads coming to surface yet. Just new red big acne/pimple bumps on both side of my temples.

My left jaw - one new big acne/pimple bump with a whitehead

My chin - one new big acne/pimple bump with a whitehead




Overall, this is only Day 2. No side effects yet I believe? But I've been putting lipbalm every now and day and moisturiser everywhere after I shower.

P.S - Just looked at the mirror. Yes, I believe I am experiencing the pre-initial breakout and I also believe that I will get my initial breakout in a week's time. Uni starts in 10 days, oops. Hope all is well.

P.P.S - I realised my face is oilier than usual.

Day 3

No new breakouts. Just really oily skin, much much more oilier than usual. I'm not sure whether its because I switched my skincare from Clinique 3 Step System to a much gentle facial wash - Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cleanser hence the very very oily skin?

My skin type is combination.




No changes on my new breakout from Day-2.

No side effects yet, I believe.

Day 4

No changes from my outbreaks since Day-1 of Oratane. However, I do have new outbreaks. Woke up this morning with pimple bumps.

Right jaw - pimple bumps coming to surface.

Left cheek - pimple bumps coming to surface.




Side effects: Slight dry lips (very minimal), thirsty than usual. Other than that, nothing?

Also, my face is less oily than the other day but its still oily.

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