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Day 1 Lerosett

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A damsel in Distress


Ok so I got my lerosett in the mail yesterday. I was going to wait untill sunday night to start because I knew there was a chance of a 'purging' stage and didn't want that all weekend......BUT for some reason I can't understand I decided to pick my skin to death last nighteusa_think.gif It always happens. As soon as my skin gets to the clearest it ever is(which isn't saying much)... BOOM! I pick at it and it explodes.

So anyway, I was so mad at myself and discusted with my red face that I decided to use my Lerosett now. And if I purge on the weekend, it will be my own fault.comfort.gif

I ordered the medicated face wash, the clay mask, and the rejuvinating healing serum. I really wanted the mosterizer too but I didn't have 90 something dollars. I got all of the above for $69.00 pretty good deal seeing as like each product retails for 34 to 35 bucks.

But on to the good partshifty.gif

After my picking frenzy I got into the shower, washed my face with the Lerosett facewash, got out, applyed the mask for about 15 minutes washed off with luke warm water(my face felt so smooth and clean), toned with my toner (Rose water, witch hazel+ a few drops of Tee Tree oil and Lavender oil-my own concoction), then put on the healing serum( smells and feels like heavenrolleyes.gif ), then spot treated with the clay mask and went to bed! Got up in the morning and my face looked GREAT. I had two little white heads from my picking episode, but knowing my skin, there should have been a whole lot more. I washed off the spot treatments, misted my face with Rose water, went and made breakfast and did some laundry, washed my face with the Lerosett facewash, did mask for 15 minutes while I cleaned the bathroom and did more laundry, toned, put on healing serum, then Olay Complete sensitive skin SPF 15. My skin looks alittle red (due to all the picking I did on it) but looks so much better that I would have expected. I'm going to take a picture of how it is now and everyday untill I'm clear. I'll try to post them on here but just to warn you, I'v always been technicaly challengedgrinwink.gif

I hope this ends up working for me. In the end my trust is in the Lordwub.pngeusa_pray.gif

Delightfully, Merolleyes.gif

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Hey! thanks for the tip! I'v heard that Retin A works for alot of people, my problem is my skin to too sensitive and thin to use it:/ I am super fair skined! Like I burn if I go put the trash out without wearing sunscreen (This has actualy happened to me on more than one occassion, no joke.)

Your does suck feeling this way:P But hey, the way I see it, Life is more than acne! And I am more than acne! So keep your chin up! Look to a Higher Power for your strength!

Delightfully, Me:)

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