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So I decided to stop the current cleansers I have been on, which are cetaphil and burts bees. The reason I stopped using cetaphil was because i noticed i was developing small flesh colored bumps on my face that I never had before. It also felt to liquidy to even lather in your hands and I never saw suds no matter how long lathered it. AS for the burt's bees, i was so stupid to believe 100% natural and think aw this will be fine it's all natural. well i was wrong, the menthol in it stung my face and it made the redness worse.

I was searching on here for a new cleanser and someone mentioned Hibiclens. It's not actually made as a face cleanser but it has been known to work wonders on acne. I picked up my first bottle from walgreens the other day with some cleansing pads. I've been very nervous about trying because people tend to get the naturla purge when switching products. This did not break me out at all! I already have active acne though.

Last night was the first night I was able to try it. I had some small bumps on my face that were really hurtful and after cleansing last night I woke up this morning to see the cleanser brought them to a head. And they didnt hurt!! So needless to say, this stuff brings the impurities to the surface for you take care off. I can only imagine after a week of using this product, maybe all the bacteria in my face will be gone!

I will be using hibiclens only at night because I dont want to over wash my face seeing how it's not used for a facial cleanser. I'll post in 2 more days to see how my face keeps reacting.

If anyone has any questions for me, please feel free to ask. Any advice, PLEASE give me!

thanks smile.png

update on hibiclens:

i used hibiclens for two days and all of my cystic acne or any acne that was deep and hurtful is gone! literally two nights of washing cleared my cystic acne

i still have small white heads that pop up though.

my red marks from previous acne has not changed so i will be trying a honey and turmeric mask at night.

as for drinks and food.

i try only to drink water, tea, or cranberry juice. (sometimes a glass of soda, i was a pepsi head lol)

i've been sticking to lots of fresh veggies and fruits. trying to stay away from dairy! and have been trying to eat more seafood then meat.

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