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My Regimen, Need Help Adjusting?!

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So I posted a blog before posting pictures to show you where my acne is on my face. But to start off I'll give you a background on me and my acne..

I'm 21, female. Got my initial first breakout around 2 and a half months ago. and since then i've had acne active and it's getting worse and worse. My acne is mainly located on my cheeks, jawline and around my mouth. So i guess i have hormonal acne. i do not just get it around my period though it's all month active. I have an occasional pimple on my forehead but it it staying clear for the most part. I do tend to pop and pick. My skin is starting to have red marks left behind.

I've been doing some trial and error with products. I still have not found a cleanser or regimen that has helped my face. I have tried ProActiv for a couple weeks but it was too harsh for my face and made it completely dry, irritated and red. I used some clean n clear products i picked up at a local pharmacy. they did not help at all. I'm currently using cetaphil in the shower in the morning. it doesn't seem to be helping though. been using it for two weeks strong and no improvement. if anything my face seems to be getting worse! anyway this is my current reigmen...


cleanse- cetaphil mild gentle facial cleanser ( in shower)

moisturize- burt's bees moisturizing cream with cotton extract


cleanse- cetaphil or burt's bees soap bark & chamomile deep cleansing cream

moisturize- burt's bees moisturizing cream with cotton extract


neutrogena skim blemish concealer

bareminerals powder light and warmer

not currently on a diet but going to start keeping track of what i'm doing on a daily basis thanks to this page. feel free to follow my journey in trial error and help me and give me advice. it is much needed! thanks!

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