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My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 5

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Description -

Yay! Just finished the first week of my second month! Well this week was great! I didn't have one single cyst since almost 1 year or more? There was no flaking and less back pack. I just wanted to add that I have told some of my close friends about Accutane and to keep a close eye on the dangerous symptoms. I really hope that my minor initial breakout is over. For the athletes, so far I haven't had joint problems even when I run for over an hour. I know that I am slowly gaining my confidence back, I was easily able to make eye contact in a presentation this week. In addition, my friends and family has also noticed a difference on my skin :)

Side Effects -

- Common ones

- Redness and flushing when I laugh too hard -_-

- *Not sure if related* I have been more sensitive about things since I started the Accutane course. I guess we will know when I finish the course and see.

Advice -

- I think it's better for outdoor athletes to start Accutane during the winter since there's less sun

- Vaseline has really help stop my flaking (so far it has not made me break out)

- I started using Burtsbee chap stick and it's really nice, not too thick but moisturizing

- Water is very important! I take 3 bottles of water (metal bottles) to school everyday

Skin This Week -

- No cysts!

- Only 2 pimples with puss that was probably due to stress over my finals

- Somehow more oil

- Only a few black heads on my nose, even the ones in the side crease of my nose are gone

Relationship between Kimchi and acne. Leave your thoughts here!

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