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Vitamin A 25,000 Iu Acne Experiment [Start Date - 10Th Jan 2012]



I have started taking Vitamin A tablets [NOW VITAMIN A 25,000 IU One tablet a day] i started this regime on the 10th January 2012.

I will also be taking ~ 2000-4000 IU of Vitamin D per day.

Approximately 1000 grams of Vitamin C.

Maybe Vitamin E.

Observations during first week

It is difficult to make any observations so far because i was using a very harsh Detol antibacterial soap up until the 10th so the fact my skin is/was very dry could have well been down to the soap.

The skin on my face is still noticeably drier, but could be just a coincidence because i have been over washing - The skin on my back doesn't seem to be much different.

My diet has been pretty awful so far. - I have eaten at least 5 chocolates per day for the last 2 weeks and i was easting loads of shit over the whole of Xmas. I have a very bad habit of watching films and eating chocolates at the moment [and yet i still have balls and no attraction to the male of the species]

I couldn't be more than depressed than i am already before starting the Vitamin A so if it does act similar to Accutane which means it might cause depression i couldn't care less as it doesn't really get worse than i feel now anyway.

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ACNE - so far about normal level of breakouts - fact i'm overwashing keeps face dry and reduces them anyway.

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I have doubled the dose after lack of progress.

Now 50,000 IU per day from about last Wednesday i think [~8th Feb 2012]


FACE - Bad breakout on temples [side of head] started to show themselves last weekend[5,2,12] but by 7th had become much more inflamed and large and all round nasty.

CHEST - as per usual.

BACK AND SHOULDERS - still Bad - still nasty red and inflamed big ones coming.,

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