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So It has been two weeks, almost three on my budget plan. things have been going pretty good I've noticed a good bit of clearing and have even done some venturing out of the house with make up on. Some drawbacks have also occured. I have a lot of flakeyness during the day that make it hard to put on make up, and I developed(sorry guys) a yeast infection from the oral antibiotics. Which is not the end of the world, but it will be if this is a chronic problem(happened before) instead of one time thing.I am going probiotic crazy using fancy unscented vagina soaps and what not and hoping that keeps future occurances at bay. The tretinoin 1% is what i am using now, which cost 54$ at my local pharm, which was cheaper than canada who only had it in a gel.T cream in the past made me get worse during the first month, before it made it better. I've also( breathe) gone against the regimen and decided to use moisturizer only as needed once in awhile( this is what one of the drs or facial person said) A lot of pple have told me it looks like it is getting better, but you know it just can never happen fast enough.

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