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Accutane Day 22



Accutane is a friggin' miracle drug! My skin is smooth again and I haven't seen a cyst or pimple in days. I was at three Holiday events this week and felt pretty good.

Best concealer ever - Lancome's undereye cream is great for all residual red spots left behind by bad pimples and cysts. As long as there isn't an open sore, than this waterproof concealer will be your best friend. It will make you look smooth and 'normal' again.

Stomach issues - Subsided now, but I'm worried that my doc might up my dosage duruing my first month's Accutane check-up (Next Friday, Dec 16). We'll see...

Alcohol - I'm totally laying off the holiday drinks at parties b/c I don't want a bad liver test that will yank away the Accutane.

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Hey, I use Lancome's undereye cream too but never thought of using it on red marks, but I'll have a go now it's been recommended :)

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