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Blogging To Avoid Studying

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I decided to try this out since studying for finals is making my skin crazy. I have been drinking nothing but caffeine and I haven't slept more than 2 hours at a time since last friday, so my poor body is really taking a toll. On top of the extra stress and poor health, the season's change has been hard on my skin too. My lips have been extremely chapped and sore and my hands, arms, and legs are white with layers of dry skin. ick.

I think I am going to purchase a humidifier to deal with this winter season.

Right now my face is irritated, red, blotchy, dry, and recovering form being picked at last night (tisk risk). Its embarrassing but I'm too tired to cover it with make-up. Hope it clears up this weekend after I treat myself to a spa date with my housemates and a full night's sleep tomorrow.

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