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Accutane Day 12

Pimple update: I've had two other small pimples that have come and gone - one by my hairline on my forehead and one on my jawline. Then, two days ago I started getting a pyodermic faciale big cyst. A BIG ONE. Dark read and throbbing. It is smaller today and still closed because I no longer pick at my face. Ever.

Acanya: I'm still putting Acanya on pimples when they surface. I'll do this until my skin becomes too flakey. I think it helps them go away quickly.

Accutane Side Affects: Sun-sensitivity is high! The Thanksgiving car ride left me with a little sunburn. I buttoned up my jacket, rolled down the sleeves and turned up the AC. It hurt worse than it looked. And, I have loose BMs in the morning. Will that go on for the next four 1/2 months? Annoying.

Other than that, my skin is clearing up. Still glad I got on Accutane.

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