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Week 12(Basically)

Well, It has officially been 12 weeks. I have literally 3 bumps, small. So this has worked for me. Im just waiting to see what happens with my spots because they have faded a TEENY bit, its gonna take a while, but atleast I don't really have ACNE on my face right now, its just spots left from acne. I suggest you use this regimen, you don't have to, im just making a friendly suggestion.

When on this regimen, don't pick anything, because although it clears those spots it takes a while, so I recommend you don't fool with any of your bumps when on this regimen, don't use to much retin-a, make sure you wash your face properly in the morning, use a moisturizer with SPF in it in the morning before going out, those are just some tips. I hope you try it and it works, if it doesn't then I'm sorry ):

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