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Accutane Day 4

I am so excited to finally start Accutane! I'm a 36-year old mom of two, married and a business owner. Pyoderma Faciale has taken over my life since Labor Day Weekend - not that I knew what it was at that point in time. My 'new normal' includes painful cysts and stares from people. I've worn band aids to business meetings, the gym, the grocery store, the PTA and restaurants. My fabulous business partner has covered meetings for me because I didn't want to see clients or go to events. I've been depressed (so much better now). I can't wait for this to be over.

I started Accutane four days ago. I had a headache yesterday and have felt tired, but those are the only "side effects" I've seen so far. And, honestly, I could be tired any day of the week.

I do have a new, regular pimple that debuted two days ago; it is right next to my nose. A pimple? Really? I haven't had one of those in years and years! Only very painful cysts the last 2 1/2 months. LOL!

The pyoderma faciale section of my face looks okay. Two cysts - one larger than the other. No cysts on my jaw line. My P.F. large pink/red spot doesn't have any acne in it right now. There are flat, red spots where cysts have disappeared. My fingers are crossed that Accutane will help those go away too.

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Hi, I was diagnosed with pyoderma faciale today, after 7 long months of being told I had adult acne. I had never heard of it before and was getting really depressed about my skin, not only is it disfiguring, but it is also really painful! My GP has referred me to a dermatologist with a view to starting roaccutane and steroids. Am wondering if you have found any make-up that I could use to cover up in the meantime? My usual brands seem to make it worse, and inflames the dry patches.x

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Danni246 - So sorry it took me months to reply. How is your pyoderma? I had to take a break from everything Acne for a good long while... Accutane has made my face clear up and I can say that I'm PorcelainAgain - if I have makeup on.

After three months of Accutane, I took a six week break. Now, I'm back on round two bc my Pyoderma Faciale was that bad and I don't want it to come back. Getting back on has been hard, but I'm willing to do it.

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