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Week 2

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I'm a little late but whatevs. So, so far everything's been going fine. Like I mentioned before, my skin got really oily at first (or at least had an oily look) but was also flaky dry, which was annoying and made me self-conscious but I could handle it (I've had years of skin problems, come on). Now my skin is less oily appearing but still a bit dry, but which lotion day and night it's not bad at all. I barely have any pimples, though my hyperpigmentation is still there. I tried squeezing out blackheads last night and teeny tiny spots of blood were on my nose afterwards (gross, sorry) which I take to mean my skin is quite thin right now.

Psychologically, I feel fine. Obviously I have good days and bad days but overall, I'm really happy I'm finally doing this. The only thing I wish I could change would be the drinking ban.. I don't know if ban is the right word. But before accutane I would have glasses of wine all the time with dinner (especially in Spain!!!) and there are sooo many awesome bars here.. but I want to be really careful. I really don't want this course to eff me up in any way long-term. The pharmacist here told me 1-2 drinks a weekend is fine, I just can't drink everyday. I've had 1 glass of wine since starting accutane, with a glass of water, so... yeah. Hopefully I'm being safe enough. In a week or 2 I'm getting bloodwork done again and then the 1st of december I go in for my 2nd appt. How time flies!

I'm not sure what else to talk about. My period finally ended, yayyy!!!

Take care everybody. Any questions/comments feel free to post

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