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Still Clear Of Acne; Interesting Study Promoting Cooked Versus Raw Food.

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I thought I'd post a bit of an update about my skin. For the most part, I've remained clear. And by that I mean that I still get a few pimples sometimes, but most of these are either caused by picking, lack of sleep (and thus added stress, which makes healing more difficult), or just random pimples. I currently have one small pimple and a few mini clogs, but the clogs for the most part seem to stem from my keratosis pilaris, which covers the majority of my body.

Issues to continue working through:

1) Minor flaking, mostly after showers. This seems to be getting better slowly, and hopefully by the time winter ends it will be resolved.

2) Mild red marks all over my cheeks and a bit on my chin.

3) Shallow scarring on my cheeks, a few on my chin. They are either box car scars or rolling scars, or a combo of both. I also have either scarred pores or ice pick scars on my inner cheeks and between my eyebrows, the eyebrow ones being significantly less noticeable.

4) I still sometimes pick at clogs, which causes them to get worse or become pimples. So this is an issue I need to work on.

My chest and neck have remained clear since I went water-only, and my back is also almost clear, especially now that I have my picking/scratching almost under control for the area. I've not yet determined if sweating was causing an issue, but I guess I will as I start getting more active again.

My face on November 5th and November 9th:





Something else I thought of sharing, as it was something I always found to be a bit.. silly on this website: specialty diets. A lot of people here claim that raw, paleo, or other types of diets are healthier for the body and thus better for acne. While not eating allergenic foods can likely help, I don't personally see much credit to it. I came across a study posted on io9 about energy consumed from raw food, and how more energy is attained by eating conventionally cooked foods. I found the comments section to also be a good read, especially as most of these commentators are well educated in scientific fields. The full article can only be read by creating an account with the website linked within the io9 article.


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