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Day 8

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It has been exactly one week now since my Isolaz treatment and so far, things are well. 2 of those cysts cleared up, and the other is on it's way to healing. Another cyst came up though as well as 3 small pustles but the small ones aren't a big deal. It's expected anyway as I'm in the purging stage and it's that time of the month. Regardless, my skin is doing much better overall. There is much less inflamation and my skin is still very smooth looking and feeling and looking much brighter and less "angry" if that makes sense. So I'm still very happy. :)

I am also loving the Differin! Outside of the purging, it does make my pimples clear up much more quickly. Some teeny tiny ones that don't even come up yet disappear completely overnight or in a day or two when I put it on. It is still making me dry though, but that is expected. Still on the hunt for better moisturizers, but so far the combination of the three I'm using are helping with the flakies.

Can't wait til my next Isolaz treatment next Thursday! :)

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