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Day 5

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Okay, so my skin is full blown broken out. 3 cysts that have been under my skin for the last couple of months came up to the surface. While my face is swollen and sore, I have to say I'm growing to like Differin. It seems to speed up the life cycle of these cysts. One is already a whitehead, and the other two will probably come to a head by today or tomorrow. While I don't like breaking out (especially with such large, painful ones), they've been under my skin for so long as hard bumps that I'm actually happy they are finally on their way to healing. Hopefully they won't scar too badly...

Maybe I'll put some honey on them tonight after cleansing, then rinse it off before moisturizing and Differin. Honey is really good at calming down inflamation, and sometimes if I put them on tiny, little under the skin bumps, they disappear completely by the next morning.

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