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First Blog Acne Drove Me To This

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Acne log 2 2011 Nov

I started the last blog last night before I fell asleep, today I woke up at about 9 30 . As usual i woke to my face feeling tight and gross, most likely it is because I didn't wash or use moisturizer or my medicine. I was just at my wits end and felt like it wasn't going to help any way. As I peered in to the mirror I noticed my face was still red and swollen with white heads in groups all over my face. I decided to hop in the shower and I don't know if this is the best way to go about it but I wash my face there with cerave wash.(of course recommended by my derm) I hate touching my face just the feel of the bumps do something to my sole. After that I pat dry wit a towel, my favorite part of the whole ordeal just because when I pat I see all the old skin and even goopey whiteheads and also blood. Then I wait for my face to dry and apply my cetaphil moisturizer. I was useibg cerave pm but that fel. t too heavy. Yup that's what I look forward too every morning and night. Tonight I will use my atralin again and hopefully see some I'm provement.

Try not to look at your self sadly it helps.

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