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I Am Taking Pics To Show My Dermastamp Progress For Acne Scars

I have had great sucess with the derma roller and stamp for my stretch marks, I am now trying to get rid of dark spots, and the ice pics scars i have been left with, i managed to get rid of my spots by using amla and neem powders, but that cant get rid of the holes in my skin.

i have been using the dermastamp for a good 3 months now and i would say that my large open pores are no 90% gone, i did not take before and after pics unfortunatley, The ice pics scars are being very stubborn and, i need to have to be very dedicated to using my dermastamp. I have started taking pics now.

I use a 1.00 dermastamp hard every two weeks, and a 0.5 roller 2 a week

You can have a look at my progress so far, i really am trying to get the exact lighting so it is a true progress pic, it has been difficult, i have posted my second progress pic of my icepic scars so you can have a little look, i think in a month the results will be more striking.

If you look at my stretch mark pics also you can see that the dermastamp def works. I will try my best to get the lighting more exact next time

http://www.hairbox.d.../diary_1_8.html Please bare in mind i have been using the dermastamp for 3 months now so my ice pocs scars were a lot deeper before this photo and i had very large open pores to

http://www.hairbox.d.../diary_1_9.html Stretch marks shows a better comparison

Please comment on my site and let me know if you have used it before? Any tips

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