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Five Weeks On Accutane



Well the almight breakout is finally healing. It was so dry and flaky for about a week and the spots just stayed full and swollen.

I'm so happy they're on the way out!

My face is looking much better the past couple of days, a lot smoother and much less red.

So far as side effects goes, my lips are driving me mad, but eyes are fine really. I got a couple more lip balms today so hopefully they'll help! Also my skin is less dry than it has been. My face isn't peeling as much, and a small dry and itchy bit on my hand has gone away :)

I'm also happy to say that my scalp is MUCH less flaky! Yay! In fact I even wore it down yesterday

I've got quite a lot of small annoying pimples that seems to linger, but they've started to dry up now which is good :)

I think I need to get a lot more sleep, and also my new manager keeps moaning at me for drinking water! To go and drink half a glass of water and come back to the shop floor collectively takes about 45 seconds..! haha

Anyway, how are all of you getting along with accutane?

cf x

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