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The Beginning

So like everyone else in this "community" i have ACNE! And just like everyone else i've tried everything on the self and even went to a Dermatologist. Nothing worked or seemed to work until i tried this regimen. I wanted to try the regimen out first before purchasing the system because in the past i've spent alot of money on products that don't work! I feel that in the near future i will be ordering it because for the last month i've used alot of the Neutrogena On the Spot (2 bottles). My first two weeks i learned that i had to cut back on the Benzoyl Peroxide because my skin was drying out really fast. When i learned this i cut back on the amount of BP that i used and purchased Olay active hydrating cream (original)! I have had a couple of "slip up" days where i didn't complete the regimen as directed or forgot the products at home, smh. Besides those incidents i found that this is helping and i will continue until it doesn't :)

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