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52 Days! - Imaginary Land.

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The idea is that exercise and balanced diet is the key to a longer, more fulfilling life. I always thought my 5 a day were satisfied through eating 5 different flavours of crisps-potatoes are a vegetable-but apparently this is considered 'unhealthy', and as far as exercising goes, look out for my new book: 'How I died whilst doing a star-jump'. This hypothetical publication made me realise I really should try to lose a few pounds (by 'a few pounds' I mean a few stone, and by 'a few stone' I mean a good King Kong and a half-a real metric unit reserved for chubby people) I feel the term 'get fit' is misleading. It insinuates that you can go to your local supermarket and buy it, but the last time I went into Tesco and told the assistant I wanted to have one of those 'fits' he thought I was a poorly-spoken epileptic and made me lie in the middle of aisle six with a loaf of bread under my head. Disclaimer: This did not happen in real life, but in Imaginary Land. And no I didn't actually think 5 packets of crisps were my 5 a day eusa_shifty.gif Moving to the point, I was going to start my healthy eating today but unfortunately I tripped over and a full slice of cake fell into my mouth. I would've spat it out but I'm a dedicated member of Cakes-Have-Rights and section 4, paragraph 6 states that a rejected cake is an abused cake and may press charges against the spitter-outter. I had no choice, I had to eat it.

I noticed this morning that my homepage has went from being 'neutral' to 'good'. Upon reading this I felt a sensation rising up in my body, surging through my veins and pumping energy into every muscle in my body. I stood up and flexed my arms, feeling I had the strength of a mythical god. I kicked down my front door, Spartan-style (why does someone with my power need a door?) and I screamed to the world "I am your LEADER!".

Then I realised it was just indigestion and came back inside. Disclaimer: This did not happen in real life either, but in Imaginary Land.

Nothing so far in this entry has been about acne so: I have a spot on my Glabella (look that one up, it isn't rude, I swear!) Red marks are becoming redder but you can't really tell on photos, it's worse in person.


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