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Week 6 (And 5 Days)

Alright it has now been 6 weeks and 5 days since ive been doing this treatment, I havent missed a day, except one night i missed 1 diane 35 pill (i still did the other treatments) and I did what the directions said and took two the next day and continued as normal afterward. Ive seen improvements, I still have bumps but I think im gonna wait longer because many people said within their 7-10 weeks they saw results not the 6th, and your actually supposed to give it 3 months, and I have seen some improvement on the amount of bumps its actually just the scars or red spots that annoy me.

If they were gone and i just had the bumps i would be so much happier because thats easier to treat, but my red spots are just not going away because I have to be in the sun everyday and that just adds to them, in the night my face looks ALOT less blotchy(with little red marks) than in the day. I do think that the treatment has improved even a little, my face is definately better than it looked in weeks 2-5 because my initial breakout is over, I just have to wait a witttleee longerr, or maybe alot... but yeah..

Question (please comment with an answer if you have one)

(I have attached a file to show you what im talking about here, mine is not that bad though, its just simalar to that) Okay. I know some of the marks on my face are acne SCARS. But does anyone know how to get rid of just.. red marks or spots I should say. they are not necessarily scars of any kind.. well apparantely thats what I read somewhere, they are just small red spots that came from my acne, I think if youve had acne (not light acne) you would know what im talking about. If you know any treatment, or cleanser, or cream or home remedy that will make them fade please let me know, Im only 15 I dont wanna live with these red marks forever T.T Thankk you so much (:

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