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Help - Won't Leave The House

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My best friend has totally withdrawn from the world. He is 17. He is truthfully a handsome athletic kid, but he hates his acne. He hates his acne so much he has stopped going to school and stopped playing sports. He says he won't leave his house until his acne is gone. He has been dealing with acne for 4 years. he is on acne antibiotic medication and his face now looks free of acne. What he does have is many lesions or scabs. I just yesterday found out he is is picking his scabs. He wont admit to it but to me that explains why his scabs dont seem to go away.

What do you know about acne and not wanting to leave the house??

Could this be social phobia and not related to the acne?

Can you help?



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Wow that's crazy & yes it does effect your "normal" & social interaction with the public if you allow it too...

I can remember vividly that i missed many days of school beause the severity of my acne. It's hard. & it's even harder to understand if you don't have acne.. It's like we are incarcerated with in our own skin. Our own bodys...

But i'm glad to hear that he's doing alot better.. Thank God... If i was him i would just use a some kind of sore treatment for the face..

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Obviously it is not fun to go out in public looking like a spattered tomatoe pie but maybe those who chose to withdraw like he does have other issues they have to address.

Maybe Acne is NOT the real issue but something else. Like an underlying fear of embarrasment?

What do you think??

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Maybe your friend is not leaving his house because he used to be the athletic kid. People picture guys who are into sports as perfect and extremely handsome. By your friend getting acne, he may feel that if he goes back to school with acne people may think differently about him than before. It's like a cheerleader turning up to school overweight or with acne. See the image?? Our society today stereotypes people that are popular to be flawless.

You should tell your friend that you are here for him and that many people experience from acne like all these people on this website. He is not alone. Tell him to treat his acne like his athletics. He must have been committed to athletics and train really hard before he got acne. Picture it like this. The way he perseveres with his athletics could be applied with his treatment of his acne.

I am pretty sure that your best friend may be just down on his acne. It could be something else and it's your job to ask him what's wrong. I am sure he will tell you and be open to you when he is ready. Just hang out with him like you used too.

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