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31 Days! - Accutane: Disturbing Nightmares.

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My sleep routine is all over the place at the moment. Sometimes I am so tired I feel I could drop off and sleep for a month, while at other times I wake up 5 or more times throughout the night feeling really awake and ready to go, even though it can be at a ridiculous time like 2/3 in the morning. Dunno if it is linked with the accutane or not but it's becoming more and more frequent.

I've been having a lot more nightmares than I'd usually have too, and they're a lot more real and disturbing. Last night I had a dream where I was told I had brain cancer and had it since I was too young to understand, but my parents justified keeping me in the dark about it by saying "would you have really wanted to know you were dying?" I was told I could die at any second and I needed to get the hospital to check if the cancer was real or a misunderstanding-but I couldn't seem to get to the hospital. Something kept getting in the way, from everyday stuff like crowds and getting lost to crazy things like ninjas and dragons jumping into my path. These nightmares wouldn't be that bad if they didn't feel so real! I never did get to the hospital because all I remember is a totally different dream involving Steven Seagal, a lake and a car park on a strange rocky cliff cutting it off at some point. In this nightmare we had to get back to our car before some tribe killed us all, but all the cars started sliding down the cliff which was on a slant all of a sudden. Everyone started rushing to their car to try and drive off the tribe got to us but as I approached our car a man stabbed my dad and stole it. The dream cut off again and it ended in a bike shop (funny how dreams make perfect sense when you're experiencing them, but when you wake up you just think "w.t.f")...and that's all I remember.

Anyone else experienced/experiencing strange dreams? :confused:

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Woah, the other night I had a dream I yank one of my teeth out and last night I had one I was getting attacked by a swarm of massive black mantis bug things, it was so creepy I woke up flipping my sh!t.

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Do they feel real too? Like they actually happened? I do psychology & we looked at dream analysis last year. Teeth falling out is supposed to indicate you realising you're going through a transition. Maybe it means you're thinking of accutane and how you'll go from having acne to having clear skin? The swarm of mantis bugs thing I have no idea about, it just sounds horrible!

I had another stressful dream last night. Can't remember what happened exactly but I had a disturbed sleep...come back dreams of flying over gardens, hugging bunnies and having tea with fluffy things! D:

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