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26 Days! -Thinking Of The Future.

No massive change since yesterday. I seem to be getting a few cyst type spots-an overdue initial breakout maybe? Not sure if Accutane removes blackheads but I'm sure my nose seems to be clearing up a bit, and I definitely have less comedones around my mouth/cheeks.

Wish I could fast forward to next month and see how my skin is by then. Been thinking about what foundation I'll use once it starts clearing up a bit more. I use Estee Lauder Doublewear at the minute, dunno whether to use the lighter version, the nutrient version or a totally different foundation...something really sheer like a mineral powder (can't even imagine have skin that good that I'll feel comfortable wearing something so thin) Anybody got any suggestions for something that is easy to apply (with fingers), sheer but still with decent coverage? Also, it has to have a good range of shades because I'm really, really light and I can never seem to find the right shade!

You know days where you're tired, ill and your skin ain't looking so good, but you know you're gonna have to get up for school tomorrow? (extra early of course to spare time for the tedious task of plastering on foundation-ar!) I hate that. sad.png Thinking of taking the day off but I'm worried it might turn into a bit of a habit. Is it a common thing for someone to want to skip school because of acne? It seems to affect every little aspect of your life. D:

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I HATE going to school when I'm breaking out. I have the same feeling very often. Stay strong though, just keep focusing on the future and how great you'll look when you've completed your course!

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Glad to know I'm not the only one, can't wait till 3 months time-I might have clear skin for christmas! Thanks for reading! :)

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