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Here We Go

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I'm twenty five years old. I've had acne since high school and it's gotten worse with age eusa_think.gif !

I have been told by a former doctor that I am "beautiful", it's a "shame" I break out so badly.


I have adult acne. The norm, mild/moderate with pustules and whatever else

but lately,

it's been cystic and scarring.

I cannot spend the next 5 years of my life (before I turn thirty) suffering this way. I deserve at least 5 years of clear skin/no wrinkles!

So I am going to try the regimen and stick with it religiously; as a matter of fact, I just spend quite a bit of money on products to throw ones I have been using (which aren't all gone) completely out!

I really, really, hope this works.

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Hi fedupmom

Good luck with the regimen, I'm coming up to the end of week two, with not much result as yet, but I still remain patient and hopeful.

Just one big tip I can give you, is follow the instructions precisely and go slow at the beginning. I started hard (because of course I know better) and ended up burning my skin with the BP. Had to have a few days rest and then restart.

Your story reminds me of mine quite a bit (and I'm not telling you this to scare you, but to encourage you to hang in there with the regimen). I went to the doctors in my mid 20's asking for some sort of treatment but my doctor always said, "oh dont worry about it, its not bad enough for medication and you will grow out of it by next year". Well I'm sad to say that I'm now 39 and I never 'grew out of it'. I've listened all my life to "oh, you're really pretty, what a shame you have bad skin". I get on perfectly well when I wear makeup, but its my dream to feel comfortable without wearing makeup. You're ahead of me though because now I have wrinkles! ppffff.

All the best, and see you around the boards. I'll look forward to hearing about your progress. (:

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