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Exactly 6 months on accutane

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Umm what can I say. I still got about 3 active pimples... or maybe I could call them nodules because they are so big, deep, sore and red :wacko: Some tiny whiteheads too here and there.

I just popped one huge and painful nodule and in fact it was pretty easy case (fingers crossed). And after googling how to heal them afterwards I have put hydrocortisone on it to reduce inflammation... I know it might not be a good idea but i dont really mind. So fed up with this shit. Yeah, what the hell, I have suffered from acne for two years and I still have to google things like this. Or maybe I have forgotten everything since I've been almost clear for 1,5 months now... not completely, almost clear. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

PS. Thanks for the tip KC31, I'm now on 40mg again.

PPS. red marks and scars are slowly getting better, yay...

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