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Day 163 on Accutane

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Side effects:

  • chapped lips
  • dry face (could be lot worse though)
  • dry eyes; vision sort of blurred (only farsighted, and not bad though)
  • some back pains
  • ...and joint pains (feet)
  • and this one i hate: when i eat, the around of my mouth starts to peel and gets flakey... so i gotta keep some moisturizer with me everywhere i go
  • irritated stomach
  • some rectal cuts or something(?)

so yeah... isotretinoin is toxic shit which is probably gonna kill you so consider twice before taking it... though it makes your social life 99% better :naughty:

But my face is looking good, even there are still some bumps under the surface, not bad though.

Scars, scabs, red marks and other stuff are slightly getting better.

I pray the lord these side effects arent permanent :wacko:

new photos coming soon......

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