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Day 58 - Claravis (Accutane)

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What's new: Arm rash/dryness has gone down a lot. No active pimples.

My face: My face continues to be clear of all pimples. Just some leftover red marks in the jawline area, but they are very hard to see. Skin on face isn't dry at all. I'm using the Cetaphil facewash and Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion at night, and then Avene Milky Fluid Antirogues in the AM in shower and using Cetaphil lotion with SPF in the AM. And that's keeping my skin moisutrized.

Everything else: I used the Aveene Eczema lotion last night, a couple layers and the rashes and dry patches started to go away right away. So it was just super dry skin on my arms. For the past month I had forgotten to moisturize my arms every day. So now I'll go back to doing that in the AM and PM. I also brought the lotion with me to work to re-apply during the day. And I still get tired in the late-afternoon, but getting used to that. That's it for side effects.

I had my lab test this morning and have my derm appt tomorrow morning. The lab folks said my results won't be ready in time for my derm appt tomorrow. Which makes sense; not sure why I scheduled my lab test so close to my derm appt. But I can't reschedule my derm appt within the week the time they allow to get the prescription. So my derm receptionist just said to come in tomorrow and just hope that the lab tests are ready. Otherwise, they said they'd figure something out. Not sure what they could do. I'm a little nervous about not getting my new prescription. Ugh, every time it's something...

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