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Beginning month 4 !!! (day 95)

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So i've been on accutane for three months. Finally it seems that the worst areas, my cheeks, are slightly starting to clear up. Cheekbones still got many cysts (ouch!) :think: and I got many huge blackheads around my nose and occasionally on my forehead. The scarring and red marks are still there and that's why my face looks horrible. Thank god summer is coming!

I gave up taking zinc supplements but took up multivitamins (with no vitamin A).

Previously I told about that zinc cream I bought and umm at least my face hasn't got any worse because of applying that on pimples and red marks. In fact it dries zits out pretty well and perhaps it has good effects on red marks. But i know it's gonna take time, like everything when it's about acne.


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