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Days 41-42 - Claravis (Accutane)

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What's new: One active pimple on chin. Jawline pimples aren't active for the past two days. A few small pimples on chest area. Still overly tired by mid-day.

My face: It's going well. The jawline pimples that have been coming and going have just been going for the past two days. During that time I got a new pimple on my chin, kind of near mouth. It's not too big. Nose is stil clearing; can't see blackheads there, or anywhere on my face really. And no other active pimples on face besides the one on my chin. Red marks still from past ones. Lips are fine.

Everything else: The past few days I have had a few very small pimples on my chest area. But they're very small, and don't hurt at all, so I'm not concerned. The only side effect that's noticable for me is, again, the tiredness during the afternoon/early evening. Saw a movie in the theater on Saturday night (7pm), slept through parts of it, saw a reenactment at Ford's Theater this morning, slept through parts of it, and took a two- hour nap this afternoon. I'm not sure this is all b/c of the accutane, did stay up later than usual on Friday. But still, am a lot more worn out on this drug. Hope that gets better not worse the longer I'm on it.

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