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Day 30 - Claravis (Accutane) 4 more months to go - I got this!

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What's new: Well, nothing....besides Katy - 1, acne - 0. One month down, acne. WHAT?!

My face: Really nothing. The stuff on my jawline just keeps going down. Face is less peely. Lips are fine.

Everything else: Just fine.

Nervous though, about starting the 60mg tomorrow. I assume something will have to happen with the increased mgs, it's just a matter of what and how much. Of course, just when I'm getting used to this level of accutane in my body, I have to go and mess with things again. Got to remember, Accutane is on my side. Got to stay strong. "Enemy deserves no mercy." (Karate Kid #1).

So I've decided that everyone on Accutane should plan a celebration trip for yourself and your friends/significant others during the course of accutane to keep you motivated. An "acne's got nothing on me/look at my beautiful skin" trip. No big deal. Just a thought. Now, where to is the question...

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