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Day 23-24 - Claravis

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What's new: New pimples on jawline (total of 5 active pimples on jawline); new pimple on lower cheek near nose (only one not in jawline area). Face is dryer.

My face: Seems like the jawline is getting hit now, some pimples seem to heal or die (or so I think) but then they come back. And then news ones come. So the jawline is just "active" all around - but nothing too bad. Can handle it. And my face half way through the day is dry/little peely in my chin area, and side of nose. Same face skin routine except at night and in the morning, I'm using a layer of the Cetaphil cream, too.

Everything else: Back is sore. Getting more headaches (never had headaches before). Skin on rest of body is normal. Nose is dry, blew it tonight and a little blood. Have been using q-tip to get aquaphor up in there the past couple nights, and will continue to do so. Hope that helps. And anyone that has itchy scalp and uses moracconoil, put some on your scalp, it has solved my itchy scalp problem.

Just posted new pics - will be up tomorrow (Thurs.)

Work is kind of crazy right now so haven't been good with the daily entries. But will get back on it soon.

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