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Day 20-21 - Claravis

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What's new: Two active pimples on face, on jawline, one on right, one on left. Nose is bumpy from all the blackheads surfacing. One side of my chin was really dry this AM.

My face: My face is still very red. I'm still getting new pimples on my jawline that come and go, nothing serious. Bunch of red marks on jawline from past pimples. And my nose is still bumpy from the herd of blackheads. I used the Modern Friction exfoliator scrub on my nose again in the shower, and it feels a lot smoother. And it was glowing after, unlike other parts of my face. I love that stuff. A side of my chin is getting pretty dry - but a good layer or two of moistruizer and it's all gone.

Everything else: Nothing new. Back still hurts, but nothing terrible. Most of the time I don't notice it.

Opened my third pack of pills today, pretty exciting. Can't wait for month one to be over.

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I got a new chapstick: blistex deep renewal with SPF 15. it feels really good on, but I have to apply often. Still searching for a must have SPF lip product.

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Thanks for the update. Not sure I'd mind the apply often, since we're already used to that routine. I might have to get that one in the mean time...search is still on..

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Just read some reviews online and the Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner with SPF 15 got really good reviews. But I think you can only order it online- Amazon. I may order if can't find in store...I'll let you know.

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