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Day 17 - Claravis

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What's new: What I thought was a cyst growing on chin yesterday, turned into a wimpy whitehead overnight. No active pimples now.

My face: Yesterday my chin was sore like a cyst was brewing, but this morning I woke up and it was a small whitehead. So I got rid of it. With accutane your skin is so thin, so everything is right on the surface (for me, at least). I just poked it a little with my tweezer (tmi) and now it's gone. So right now, no active pimples. A few red spots from old ones, but that's it. So a pretty good morning. Still so red all over my face, except my upper cheeks and forehead. But I don't mind that at all. I'm shiny (from the moisture surge) and red, but I can definitly handle that. Not greasy or peely.

Everything else: I forgot to mention that I had a sore throat yesterday morning, and this morning. I think it's just dry, simialar to my eyes in the AM. A couple swallows/blinks and it's gone. So no worries there.

Another blogger reminded me that I need to purchase a good chapstick with SPF. Any recommendations? B/c I assume the aquaphor, although I love it so, will only increase the sun's rays and not block them. I'm nervous that there isn't a good one out there with enough SPF AND the moisturizing capabilities of aquaphor - hope I'm wrong.

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Vasaline works wonders for my lips and my dry nose (yes it will get dry inside and nose bleeds will happen) I also use it on my feet since those will get dry also. I have controlled my dryness with vasaline all 70 + days Ive been on accutane. I hope this helps. good Luck!

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Hi, KC. I'm loving the Aquaphor and will definitly try vaseline, too. But I was asking about lipstuff with SPF. What have you used when going out in the sun for your lips?

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