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I am pleased to say that this treatment is going WAYYY better than expected. I thought minor reduction in amount. I can say, with shock, I have single diget number of "active" pimples. That is so incredible, and about 5 are prominent. I wish i had taken a picture, but i would estimate that i had before this trial upwards of 20 active, 15 prominent pimple sites. I have not had this few amount of pimples in probably 6 months, and no appearing "sleeper" pimples getting ready to surface.

Gross=yet. Stoked=yes!

So i took my regular amount, and with the two a day vitamins, I took them directly after a meal. Also zinc, but three times daily.

I have no idea which supplements are working or not, and it seems very crazy that this has some traction. If I were reading this, I would be skeptical even. My own honest opinion, START TAKING ESSENTIAL VITAMINS. I do not believe the low doses in multi vitamins are enough, since I had been taking a multi vitamin previous to this trial. Pretty excited. I found myself smiling fir no reason today at work. Not that I am not an unhappy person regularly, but i felt really good.

I am going to keep on keeping on. I do not think Dan's regimen is even a key point in my progress, since i forgot to do it last night! Ah. I suspect it could be the fish oil and zinc as the two main ingredients that are working well! I will continue to post and do some more research into the subject, letting you know what i find about these supplements and such.

Also: learned the "towel system", using the center of your towel for hair, and edges for face for a couple of days now. Super simple, and smart. Also, changing pillowcase normally about once every 3 days. It couldn't hurt to try, especially if you have long hair and sleep on your side/stomach.

Good luck everyone. I dont want to get over excited, but this could be a doozy.

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