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what if.

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Well, it's been a few days since I last posted and nothing has really changed, just 1 new lovely that is diminishing pretty quickly, thank god. Still oily as h3ll, but that's nothing new. BREAK IS OVER ): noooooooooooooo. Ugh, school tomorrow. Begin prime suffering days. I wish I could have Dwayne's attitude and just F the rest. (my favorite movie is Little Miss Sunshine, obviously) but no. It's hard not to care what people think when acne practically rules your life. Add the anxitey, minus the self confidence and social life and you've got, well, a pretty sucky childhood. Story of my life. Not to be so morbid (I AM a pessimist so it's kind of expected) but like I mentioned before, school is starting and I. hate. school. (it's more the people I can't stand but either way, I detest it) Comprendí? Capicé? Mkay. Moving on.

As far as regimens go, I don't really have one set in stone. I think I'm going to order some of Dan's things but so far I'm doing pretty well on the samples I got from the derm so I'd rather not push my luck, but we'll see.

I was thinking earlier that if I had practically perfect skin, y'know, no blemishes, zero visible pores/wrinkles, etc., I'd be a totally different person. What would I obsess over? Would I still love makeup like I do now? Would I still have the same friends? Would I care what people thought? Would I be more spontaneous? More exciting? Would I still have the same interests? Would I be more outgoing? Would I still care about appearance? Could I focus better in school? Would I still be socially awkward? What would my problems be about? WHAT IF!?

Acne and obsession pretty much go hand-in-hand. You can deny that and say that you really don't care what you look like or what other people think about you, but is that really true? Are you really that oblivious? Do you genuinely not care? Or are you just lying to yourself?

Because it's true. Acne will control your life, whether it be merely mild, or severe.

And that's the sad reality.


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