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Early report after starting new products and Spearmint Tea.

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My new regimen includes 4 cups of Tradional Medicinals Spearmint Tea/day. I brew them for a long time in boiling hot water and squeeze the teabag into the tea before drinking, just like the box says to.


I ordered EVERYTHING that I saw written about on these boards.

Effaclar K from La Roche-Posay (Zinc PCA)

Tangerine anti-shine treatement from Sana Fela (Nobiletin)

Garden Botanika clarifying lotion (zinc pca, green tea)

Solvere acne clearing toner (witch hazel, zinc pca, salcylic)

Clearogen (BP 2.5% and Saw Palmetto)

Skin Actives T-Zone and Acne Cream (Nobiletin, zinc pca, green tea, saw palmetto)

First I tried each product to check for irritation and greasyness.

-Solvere acne toner was fairly irritating (stingy) and left my skin sticky and red. Did not like.

-Garden Botanika didn't have a matte finish on me, and so I decided only to use it at night if I do use it.

All the others did not irritate my skin and had a matte finish. I like the way each one of them felt on my skin.

Now: to find out which of any of these work! (Reminder, on my face I have oily skin but NOT acne. I'm testing for effectiveness against oil only.)

I decided to just go for it and use the products by skin actives because they have the most active ingredients in them. So far, I have seen MAJOR reduction of redness/flushing. My skin is pale and not red and ruddy for the first time in my life. Wow. That alone is worth a lot to me.

I may be seeing a slight reduction in oil, but it's too early to tell for sure. I'll only consider these things effective if I get a major and consistent reduction in oil, as measured by how many times a day I need to blot to keep my mineral makeup from sliding off of my face. I've been doing the treatments for about 5 days now.

I also ordered topical spiro 5% (from Dr. Lee's hair loss site) and the Nizoral shampoo to try washing my face with (also has topical anti-androgen.)

I'll keep posting my results. I'm determined to try every option for my oil and to share my results with y'all. I think I'm a good lab rat because I'm older and my skin has been oily for so many years, we can be sure if it gets better it's not due to adolescence ending!

Stay strong my oilies!

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