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Peppermint Tea



I am a 28 year old female that has been suffering from mild acne since I was 23. I had some acne prior to that but nothing near the type I had when I was heading off on my honeymoon with huge painful pimples on my face. I was devasted. Since then it has come and gone with severity. I have tried antibiotics and proactive. Which helped but ultimately never made it go away completely. I have sensitive skin so alot of the benzol peroxizdes and such products completely dry out my skin.

I've been searching from some natural ways I could decrease the oilyness of my face. I think I might have come across something that works. I'd like to hear your feed back. I've been tryiing to drink as much peppermint tea as possible 2-3 cups a day. It's caffeine free so no jitters and loads of benefits. Its actually called Sweetdreams Tea, which has other things but peppermint.

From what I read mint raises estrogen levels simular to what birth control pills do. I personally don't take birth control pills so i was excited to hear about this side effect of mint.

I have defenitly seen benefits in the last week. I'm seriously amazed. I also have read that tumeric is a great way to help clear your skin topically and internally. I just bought this today and applied to my face. A little scary turns your skin yellow but it came off just fine. It makes your skin really soft.

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I know this is a very old post but I was searching for info and comments from people who have been drinking peppermint tea. I started drinking peppermint tea 1-2 times daily about a month ago. 2 months ago I stopped taking birth control pills because I would like to become pregnant this year. The first month off of the pill was not as bad as I feared, yes I broke out a bit but it wasn't terrible besides the one huge cyst like pimple I got that left a scar :smileys_n_people_44:. My moods, however, were frighteningly depressing. My migraines came back, and my anxiety got worse. Then, I started drinking peppermint tea and all of those things calmed down. Had another period with very minimal breakouts, and only one migraine. My anxiety acted up a little the first two days of my period but then calmed down. I really think the tea is helping balance my hormones because prior to the pill I always broke out so much more around my period. I read its supposed to raise estrogen and that its also anti androgen. I pray it continues to help!

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 Hi i just use (beauty adequate) I have used it and it's wonderful and they will help you and they just go through things with you. trust me go to their YouTube channel.
check YouTube channel for this company they are amazing Beauty adequate is 100% natural with no side effect and makes my skin beautiful you will never feel sorry try.

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