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Bumps along the way.

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So - something kind of interesting happened recently. I noticed that I had two "real" pimples (not the evil ant-egg non-inflamed ones I usually get). This was after a couple of weeks of just the non-inflamed ones, so I was pretty used to seeing a face that looked clear unless viewed from the right angle (or wrong angle, as the case may be).

But the other morning I woke up, and lo and behold, two red spots.

Now - the interesting thing about these red spots is that they were not "new" spots! These were two of my most familiar and ancient uninflamed pimples. They were so familiar, and I was so used to seeing them, that I had finally just given up and given them names: Frankie and Judy. Frankie was on side of my forehead, and Judy was on my jaw. But then, suddenly, Frankie and Judy were no longer uninflamed pimples, living a happy and immutable ant-eggy existence: they were inflamed pimples!! They had somehow metamorphosed into "real" pimples!

And they went through all the normal pimple phases. They started out just red, and then got white heads, which I managed NOT to pop, and are now kind of drying out and looking uninspiring, and are not yet gone, but also are not really noticeable. Judy is, even at this moment, feeling very cystic and tremendously poppable, but I will not do it.

To resist popping, I just keep picturing an enormous gaping, bloody hole, with tiny bits of dirt flying into it and making it bigger. Kind of like an enormous volcano, but with bits flying into it instead of out. There's obviously no way to "close" a volcano. You can't just put a bunch of moisturizer on it, and hope for the best! It simply has to seal itself up from inside, and that takes ages. Better for the volcano not to blow in the first place, right? Oh I'd say so. So I will not pop the volcano that is Judy. Hmm ... this metaphor is getting a little strained ...

Anyway! Back on track! I wonder: could this be the end of Frankie and Judy???

The problem is that I have no idea how I brought this on.

Could it be that this is just, after years and years, what finally happens to these uninflamed pimples? Could it be that somehow, after years of sloughing off the outer layers of my skin, they finally shimmied up from the deep underlayers to the near overlayers, and finally got enough oxygen to begin the healing process?? Is that what will happen to all the "olde ones"?

Or it seemed like it could have been coincident with the onset of PMS (always a pimply time). Perhaps the hormones "invigorated" a couple of the pimples and caused them to kind of get a move on? But I have literally TENS of uninflamed pimples -- will they emerge, two at a time each month, for the rest of my life? I'd really like to hope there's a quicker solution!!

Another possibility (the optimistic one) is that now that I haven't been clogging my pores from above, they can start the slow process of healing from underneath? Remember, I've been going "comedogenic free". Only ACV+water. No moisturizer. No soap. Nothing.

(My only issue with ACV+water is that it smells like feet. Really really badly. I like it, because it doesn't go bad quickly when sitting in my bathroom (or at least, it doesn't seem to have), and because it seems to have completely solved my rosacea problem as well as my pimples problem. I don't count Frankie and Judy as "problems" because I actually see those as "progress". But I might have to go with lemonjuice+water instead, because the feet smell is really getting me down.)

If the transformations of Frankie and Judy can be attributed to reduced clogging, then hopefully there will be more such transformations as time goes on. Hopefully I'll soon be saying goodbye to Phil, Ramona, all the rest!

As always, I'll keep you posted.


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