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Day 9 Non-Comedogenics Only

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So, in the last 9 days I've been going completely comedogenic-free.

I'm sick to death of having pimples, and I refuse to put anything on my face that has even a "1" on the comedogenic scale. I'm a pure "0". Wait ... that came out wrong. Anyway ...

My regimen has been really simple: water, apple cider vinegar, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid. Oh, and of course, NO PICKING AT ALL.

Things are going really well. All my inflammations are ALL (and I mean all) gone, and red marks are beginning to fade. I'm even convinced that my smaller non-inflamed whiteheads are getting sucked back in somehow. The big ones are hanging on to their ant-eggy real estate, it seems, but maybe they're just a tougher sell. But I refuse to pop. I REFUSE.

The only thing that's not going as well is the blackhead situation. Blackheads seem to be replacing themselves. Like, as promised with my earlier post, the previously "extracted" blackheads are all back where they once were, looking dark and ugly. The urge to "extract" them is strong. I mean, it really feels like they'll never leave. And my blackhead extractor is sitting on my counter, trying to goad me into action.

To resist, I have to continuously repeat the mantra: "they'll come back, and you'll get wrinkles; they'll come back and you'll get wrinkles ... "

It's sometimes hard, but whenever I catch myself staring too intently at my face in the mirror, or groping it blindly while sitting at my computer, I just ball up my fists, and say "WRINKLES! RESURGENCE!" until the person next door thinks I'm a complete freak and I'm distracted by my sheer embarrassment.

Anyway -- despite the purity of my thoughts, deeds, and cleansing regimen, I think I'm coming to the conclusion that that my water-only approach is just not cleansing enough to prevent reoccurrence of blackheads. Bummer.

But what to use? Everything has crud in it that my skin can't process? Whine Whine Whine.

I was complaining about this to a friend (okay, to ALL my friends -- I'm very boring) and one of them told me about FANCL house products.

Now: I've seen their ads before movies here in Asia (where I live, in humid pollution land). They look like a truly terrifying company. They look like they're just going to bleach your skin, and turn you into a plastic automaton, insulting you the entire time, and convincing you you're fat and ugly. I've been avoiding FANCL like the plague.

But then my friend told me that actually their "less is more" slogan doesn't refer to having less color in your face, or less fat on your hips, but refers to having fewer harmful ingredients in your products.

So, I wandered into FANCL House (for those of you not familiar, it's a Japanese brand, available around Asia) and decided to try to find out whether they *actually* had non-comedogenic, non cancer-causing products. As it turns out, they do! FANCL house's face wash powder is apparently "only amino acids". I have no idea what that means, and I worry that if I investigate too much, I'll be sorely disappointed. But anyway - I bought a month's supply for about $15USD and I'm going with it for now. So far, I'm two days in, and my face seems fine. No breakouts from the cleanser yet. It's very very gentle, and my face doesn't feel tight after using it. It seems to make my skin look relaxed and healthy.

One thing I really like about their products is that you buy them in these tiny tiny amounts. Like, one month at a time. This is because the products have absolutely no preservatives, so once they're opened, they start to go off. The cleanser I'm using has to be used within 2 months. While this might get kind of pricey if I commit ($15*6/year) it's great that I can "invest" a little bit, and test the product out for a while. Unlike a lot of other products, where you spend literally 5 times the amount, for 3 times the product, which you learn you hate in 1/3 the time. But this is only two days in. I'll keep you all posted about how things progress.

I am still reeling at how misleading so many products can be. Even Guru Dan's OWN FACE moisturizer has some comedogenic ingredients in it! Now - that said, he offers a money back guarantee, which more or less mitigates the problems associated with buying "the wrong product". But most products are certainly not money back guaranteed. And what amazes me more is how many people (even on this website) are wondering why it is that even though the use cetaphil, their pimples continue to appear.

Okay - rant over, update over. A la prochaine

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