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Month 7

It took 7 months to get where i am now. The exciting part is that this is my "that time of the month" skin. Normally i would be so broken out right now. THATS how excited i am to finally see it fully working. I cant believe its been 7 months of ups and downs but here we are today so stick with it!


Month 6

Month 6 was not to long ago. My skin is pretty good! i only have one whitehead.... i have blackheads on my nose any ideas how to get rid of those? other than that i could not be more happy with the results. im only taking 1 50mg a day because 100mg is a lot and i dont want to be on this pill the rest of my life. 1 seems to be doing the trick. Wishing everyone the best of luck because i know how dark and lonely i got during the worst of my skin days. I feel more social and now that i am back at college i feel like i can just live my life without hiding. 


4 Months

4 months in and now seriously debating just going on accutane. only thing holding me back is that i dont have the mentality to go through the initial breakout. Spiro already ruined my life enough eith the initial breakout....




2 Months

So i am two months in. Skin is not perfect, but its way better. I cant tell if its better than it was before spiron or if its just way better from the initial breakout? Im not sure. Anyways, i still get new whiteheads every day but it also could have been from the stress of finals week. It was 90 and sunny yesterday and i went for a run and wow my face hurts so bad. I cant stress enough the importance of sunscreen with the spiro. I always use to tan naturally but now i burn right away.....bless aloe vera lol. I go back to the derm in 3 weeks so lets see what happens!





Day 53

I still get a couple new white heads a day but nothing i never had pre spironactalone. I highly recommend the Ponds B3 Clariant Dark spot correcting cream. Has made the healing process smoother and easier. My journey is slowly but surely progressing!





Day 45

I woke up today with my skin less imflammed. I only have about 6-7 active pimples rn the rest seem to be just red and dark spots trying to heal. This amazes me because its [that time of month]. My skin is super dry, I think my skin wants a little break from the Tazorac gel... Also, im using Ponds Clariant B3 dark spot correcting moisturizer on my face for my dark spots left from my acne and wow i love it. It does not cause me to break out and its been about 3 weeks using it and i already see them fading. Im still on spironalacatone 50mg 2x a day and doxycycline. (I dont think the doxycycline did sh*t for me because my derm said it would clear me right up and here i am lol almost 7 weeks later). I cut dairy almost completely out of my diet, its hard when i love creamcheese and bagels lol. Im still trying to shed a couple pounds for the summer so im eating super healthy with way less sugar and sweets and that is tremendously helping my skin too. I also heard spearmint tea is a great tea to drink or acne? After countless research and reviews ive come across how beneficial it is and how it truly helps with hormal acne so for the past week or so ive been drinking that twice a day. Do you think thats interfering with my medication? I could not find any evidence that is does but ill ask my derm when i go back and see her in about a month. Here are some pictures! 






at that 6 weeks mark and ugh my skin has gone from okay to worse its ever been to healing a little and now it truly is the worst its ever been. Im back to not messing around with other products besides what has been prescribed to me. I go to the derm mid may (around the 3 month mark) and if its not better by than i cant even imagine. Here are some updated pictures. Im a little sunburt rn from being outside all day yesterday so that probably not helping my skin anyways.... I never go out with my friends anymore because its just so embarrassing and they all have FLAWLESS skin its literally not fair. someone help motivate me because crying every morning over your appearance isnt healthy. keep in mind i NEVER broke out on my cheeks until going on spironactalone. It was always my chin and under my nose and now it has just spread everywhere possible. 





okay guys so im on week 6 and just wanted to show where i am. I was sooo desperate to clean my skin from my horrible IB that i completely got rid of dairy from my diet and I started drinking a table spoon of apple cider vinegar a day for both my skin and my weight (tryna lose stop weight for summer too). I also read great reviews about rubbing a banana peel on your face and sleeping with it on so out of desperation i gave it a go and i am glad i did. Now i know i am probably hurting my skin more but it helped me for the time being and here are some pictures to prove it! I havent had time to do it again but hopefully soon! keep you guys updated (: 





every day i wake up i have about 8 new whiteheads. It is miserable. I am miserable. i NEVER use to break out in these areas and thats why i think spironactalone is not working on me. Anyone have any advice or information about this? desperate whether i should just stop or not. 






so basically these past 5 weeks or so have been brutal. Not looking like any chance of things going up from here.I dont remember my initial breakout to accutane being this bad.  I never use to break out on the left side of my face, and now thats where i just have clusters and clusters now from spironactatone. I never use to break out on my forehead either and now they are all attracting there. My face is quite dry, but im persistent using the tazorac because I truly feel that is the only thing helping my skin right now. Im bumped up to 200mg of doxycycline until the 2 months are up, and im still at 50mg twice a day for the spironactaltone. Losing hope!!! anyone got any tips on how to over come this or anything? depression hitting in hard. Sorry for the quality of these pictures my phone broke so using an old ipod lol. 





Month 1

So I have been on Spironactatone for about a month now and my skin is worse than when i started. I guess its the initial breakout? I am so discouraged to keep going but this is truly my last option so i am desperate. Normally i break out really bad before my period but im not on my period rn. I never took pictures before but here is where i am now.  I use cetephil gentle face wash, tazorac gel, and vanti face cream. hoping for the best!





I would like to start by giving a little background on my acne. I started to get acne as long as I can remember especially in my middle school and high school years. I have been to the dermatologist so many times I feel like she knows everything about me. I have been on literally every cream and antibiotic possible (such as spironactalone, differen, tretinoin creams, retinas, clindamycin phosphate) and NOTHING worked for my skin.  I had moderate to severe acne, meaning i broke out all over my face, especially my chin and T zone, but i never had cystic acne. Eventually enough was enough and i was tired of crying myself to sleep and avoiding all social interactions. I was desperate enough for accutane. I began accutane my sophomore year of high school and oh what a journey that was. However, it cleared my skin up BEAUTIFULLY and for once i felt like i had my life back. Sadly, this new lifestyle of mine only lasted about a year until i began to break out again. Nothing terrible, my dermatologist prescribed the gel "Tazorac" for me and that seemed to do the trick. She also recommended going on a birth control pill (Vienna) and I was good to go. My freshman year of college however brought nothing but acne all over my foreheard and jawline. I went back to the derm and BEGGED for accutane again but she said I had hormonal acne and accutane was not the answer for that. I thought i was going to start crying in her office i was depressed as is. She prescribed me Spironalactone (50mg twice a day) and Doxycycline (50 mg twice a day) to overpower my hormonal acne. She told me to switch my bc pills to one that will help my acne so now i am on sprintec. She told me to use Tazorac still too. I was distrought because it didnt work for me before why would it work now? anyways thats where i am today so here is my blog on how it is working for me! fingers crossed. 





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