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long story short, i was on accutane from 7/08-11/08. i had cystic, nodular acne. accutane completely cleared my skin from the end of 9/08 until 2/10. around 2/10, i noticed a huge pimple, which was reminiscent of my old breakouts. hoping it was an aberration, i didn't make an appointment w/the dermatologist. once i noticed more and more acne, i finally bit the fullet and admitted i needed help. so i returned to the derm and told her i wanted ot go back on accutane. she questioned my decision, but i was adamant and started my 2nd course aobut three weeks ago. i don't regret the decision to restart, as my breakouts have continued to get worse, but not nearly as bad (thus far) as 2008.

how frustrating...


i haven't been on this site in a few months. my skin continues to be clear. people don't believe i had a major acne issue. one of my coworkers looked at my skin and remarked you're gorgeous, beautiful skin, etc... i smiled from ear to ear.


5 weeks post accutane

thankfully it's the same old story. my face remains clear. i was working yesterday and my partner complimented my clear skin. that felt really good, as i remember the days when i hid in the house, because my face looked hideous. i'm praying the acne permanently stays away.


well, it's been about three weeks, since i finished my accutane. no breakouts. no zits. nothing. i'll have an appointment w/the derm next week, as i need a final pregnancy test. unless something drastic happens in the next few days, i won't need any cortisone injections. nothing else to report... thank God.


one week post accutane

i'm finished w/accutane. i posted three "after" pics in the accutane gallery, to go w/the three "before" pics. i'm not wearing make-up in any of them. total time on accutane was 4.5 months. skin is totally clear. "only" side effects were breakouts (2) and dry lips (at times). i have absolutely no regrets about accutane. i'll post every few weeks and give updates. hopefully my skin will continue being clear and there won't be much to report.


is this really the end????

well, i went to my derm on 11.11.08. she mentioned that my face looks perfect. i had to agree, as i smiled from ear to ear, thinking about how much my face has improved since 7.11.08 (first day of accutane). so, she gave me a prescription for 30 add'l pills. basically, i'll still take 30mg/2x/day (total 60mg/day) for two weeks. i see her for a f/u pregnancy test around Christmas and that's it. i didn't even need any cortisone injections yesterday.

i'm almost at a loss for words. this journey seemed like it would take forever, once i started. however, 4+ months into it, time has seemingly flown by me. i know everyone has different experiences. my sole regret is that i waited so long to start accutane. i could have saved myself a lot of money and aggravation, had i not thought lemon juice, manuka honey, proactiv and a myriad of useless other prescriptions would help me. in the end, they only added to my frustration. for me, accutane has more than lived up to its hype.

as far as side effects, i "only" experienced two hellacious breakouts and dry lips (at times). i realize things could have been much worse. just wanting to get through these final two weeks.


the title says it all. my face continues to improve. i get compliments from friends and co-workers. the mirror is no longer my enemy. i visit my derm on tuesday. even though my face has shown dramatic results, i'm ok w/continuing on the medication. now that the breakouts have stopped, i don't have any side effects. after reading plenty of other blogs, i realize that i'm blessed in that regard.

not much else to mention. the tide has definitely turned in my favor.

dose: 60mg/day

breakouts: ceased


98% better - 4th month

this is my first post in three weeks. right now, i am singing the praises of sotret. my face looks great. i saw my grandmother on 10.11.08. she mentioned that my face looks great. this compliment from the same woman who asked me about six months ago if i had ringworms on my face.

my menstrual cycle started on 10.14.08. normally, my breakouts increase around this time. however, i have a small zit on my right cheek. there's also a small zit just below my right nostril, which is healing nicely. for the first time, since God knows when, i don't have any complaints about my face.

i went to the derm on 10.7.08. she remarked that my face looks much better. she mentioned me being on accutane for two add'l months. i'm fine w/that, considering my acne was severe.

dosage: 30mg/2x/day

side effects: dry lips

thank God my breakouts have subsided.

one last thing... about 5 weeks ago, i stopped using cetaphil moisturizing lotion and started using cerave. i have noticed that my skin feels much softer and less greasy. cetaphil was too "heavy" for my skin. cerave lotion is just right. it's about as expensive as cetaphil, so i just ask my derm for samples each time i visit. cerave has a cleanser, but i stick w/aveeno pads (non-salicylic).


focus on the positive

this last month or so has been really rough for me. however, things are beginning to improve. on 9.18.08, i saw a substitute derm and we talked about cortisone injections not really working for me. she suggested increasing the strength from 2.5 to 3%. we went over the increased possibility of indentations, etc. i decided to let her inject one, which was located in an area that could be hidden by my hair, if it caused an indentation. she did the injection (3%) and i made a follow-up appointment for 9.20.08. basically if the 3% killed the massive one and didn't "kill" that area of my face, she would give me add'l injections. the great news is that by 9.20.08, the massive zit was a mere shell of its former self. i was ecstatic. so, i got the rest of my face injected. today, my face looks presentable. i have one zit near my chin, but i can deal better w/one, compared to the usual 20. i dont even feel any impending eruptions.

dosage: 30mg/2x/day

side effects: outbreak is subsiding


haven't posted in two weeks or so, as there haven't been any improvements. my skin sucks. that's the bottom line. today is my 66th day on sotret. my skin looked so much better, before i started the medication. maybe down the line, i won't feel this way, but right now, i feel that the trips to get blood drawn, trips to the derm for sotret, cortisone shots, etc., are an absolute waste of time.

i'm not necessarily complaining about lack of side effects. thus far, i've only experienced more breakouts than humanly possible. i know the side effects could be much worse. however, i read various blogs and it seems all have experienced dry lips. however, i haven't experienced dry lips.

truthfully, i don't think my dosage is high enough. i spoke w/my derm about increasing my dose from 60 mg/day to 90 or more. she's resistant and basically said no. she gave me an explanation, that i don't completely buy. so, i've decided that i'll complete this third month of sotret and switch to another derm in the office. i'm sure the increase will lead to another breakout, but my acne is laughing in the face of my 60 mg/day dosage.

i have another date on sunday and am plotting to get out of it. my face looks terrible. sh** all around my mouth and chin. i can deal w/the sh** on my cheeks, but the mouth and chin look terrible. fu** me.

dosage: 60mg/day

side effects: still breaking out


i'm in my 7th week of treatment and my face hasn't ever looked worse. at this point, i've expressed my frustration and know that i need to be patient. however, i can't help thinking that i'll fall in the category of people for whom accutane doesn't work. about a month ago, i mentioned feeling a zit forming on my nose. a few days later, i got it injected w/cortisone. well apparently the cortisone didn't do any good, as it has taken permanent residence on my nose (hopefully not!!!!). i noticed the cortisone injections slowed the development of some, but definitely not all of my zits. this may seem crazy, but i think the cortisone has pissed off some of the zits and actually made them stronger. go figure.

i was looking at some pics taken w/in the first month of starting accutane. compared to my present condition, i'm thinking my face didn't look too bad. compared to what i now see in the mirror, i'd rather have that face. again... go figure.

well, this week i'll get my bloodwork done for the 3rd month of treatment. hopefully my cholesterol hasn't increased again. i'm also wondering whether my derm will increase my dosage again. part of me wants an increased dosage and the other part is petrified that will lead to another outbreak. i've been having a hellacious time w/the first two outbreaks. the next one might break me.

dosage: 30mg/2x/day

side effects: breaking out, breaking out, breaking out


finally posted pics

i'm not always the most technologically sound person, but i've finally posted pics. they're in the accutane gallery. three pics. look for the black chick. anyway, the pics were taken w/in the last few days. i know that the medication affects people differently. however, i thought i'd be finished w/the initial outbreak. guess it's ib #2 for me, since my derm increased my dose.

i'm really hoping my face starts to clear in a few weeks. one of my part time jobs involves being on television. there is absolutely no way in the world i'm going on tv w/my face in its current state. i don't normally wear makeup, except lip gloss and occasionally mascara. actually, i don't know how to apply any other type of makeup. so, unless i want to miss making a lot of extra money, i'd have to get someone to put on foundation and all that other stuff. then that leads to making sure it doesn't clog my pores, make me look like a clown, etc. too much for me to consider. a few weeks will represent the start of my 3rd month of treatment.

i stayed in the house the entire weekend. missed a bbq and another date. had a talk w/the potential love interest and we've come to an agreement. we'll get together, when i feel more comfortable w/my face. we'll see how long their patience lasts. for now, i'm taking their word as bond.

well, that's about it for me. gotta schedule my appointment for blood work next week. i will say that time is definitely moving fast. i'm almost finished the 2nd month. the end of the year will be here soon and hopefully i'll be clear. just guessing that my derm will increase my dosage for the 3rd month. given the severity of my acne, i'm thinking 2mg/kg is more appropriate than the current 1mg/kg. the downside is that w/the increase, i may go through another ib. not sure i could handle it. we'll see.

dosage: 30mg/2x/day

side effects: breaking out


good news: jamaicans are dominating track and field. beginning to sound like a broken record, but congrats to jamaican usain bolt on winning another gold medal and breaking another world record. this time in the 200m. also, congrats to melaine walker for winning gold and setting the olympic and jamaican record in the 400m hurdles. total track and field medals: 4 gold and 3 silver. not too shabby for an island of approximately 2.8 million people.

bad news: my face looks like sh**. yesterday, i went to the derm for cortisone injections. again, it was last minute, so i was treated by a different derm. i'm not crazy about needles and like i've mentioned, my cysts are painful. so that equals me shedding a few years, as i tried to keep still for the injections. my face is starting to flake, so i find myself applying more and more cetaphil lotion, which is also painful. i really wish there was a touch free way to keep my face clean and moisturized. just wishful thinking.

yesterday, i was talking w/my mom about my face not being as shiny, since i started the accutane. our conversation went this way...

mom: i still see shine

me: yes, but it's not as shiny

mom: ok, but i still see shine

me: yes, but it's not as shiny. all of the shine hasn't gone away.

mom: ok, but i still see shine

me: i'm not talking about this w/you any longer

i don't want it to seem like my mom is totally insensitive. hell, maybe i'm the one being too sensitive. regardless, until the problem is solved, we won't be having additional conversations about my face. well, at least not until this acne goes away.

that's it for now. training is finished and i'm back to the job tomorrow. my master plan of trying to be invisible failed miserably. instead, i got put front and center on more than one occasion. just my luck.

dosage: 30mg/2x/day

side effects: horrible breakout and flaking


really good & bad news

good news first... as a yardie, i say big up to the jamaican women who swept the 100m in the olympics. also to another jamaican usain bolt... congrats on the gold medal and world record in the men's 100m.

now onto the bad news... my face looks like i have a bad case of chicken pox. also, it hurts like hell when i try to wash my face. mind you, i'm not scrubbing like a mad woman, just trying to wash as gently as possible. my face hurts, no matter how gentle my touch. i guess the breakout is result of my dosage being increased. at this point, i'm tired of speculating. i've been on the meds for 38 days and this is the worse my face has looked in a long time.

earlier today, my mother told me the medication wasn't working, cause she hasn't seen anything like my face (sometimes she isn't tactful) and maybe i should try something else. i calmly explained that things are supposed to get worse before they get better. so, based on the way my face looks, the medication is working. her response... well, things are certainly worse. i shot her the look of death and she quickly changed the subject, as she could tell i was becoming aggravated.

i have a potential love interest. about an hour ago, i decided to share the reason for me not wanting to get together right now. essentially, i relayed that i have acne and am not happy w/my appearance. i mentioned being on medication, bloodwork, etc. my potential love interest said my reasoning was retarded. we weren't able to finish the discussion, but that reaction is another reason i don't like to share my acne thoughts w/non-acne sufferers. they just don't get it, literally and figuratively. i'll keep thoughts to myself next time.

unfortunately, i have training from 8.18-8.20 for my job. my master plan is to find a hiding spot in the corner and pretend to be invisible. hopefully i the facilitator will have mercy and not ask me to participate. if i didn't have training, i was tempted to take off a few days, so i could hide in the house, until the breakout subsided. gotta call the derm and see if i can grab a late appointment for cortisone injections. i don't want to wait until 8.21 for the injections. hopefully i'll get out early, as it's about a 75 minute ride from training to the derm.

that's all for now.

dosage: 30mg/2x/day

side effects: seriously breaking out


think i spoke too soon

acne sure has a wicked sense of humor. on friday, my derm remarked that my skin had improved. admittedly, it looked better. so much so that i actually went on my date. the good feelings didn't last long. on saturday, i felt a flurry of eruptions coming. same thing on sunday morning. by the time i washed my face sunday night, it seemed like for the one step i took forward, i ended up taking six steps backward.

sh**. it's almost like the eruptions are everywhere, forehead, cheeks, chin, even right next to my eyebrows. again, i'm throwing my hands in the air. trying to continue winning this war against acne. however, i feel as though i have a knife and acne has a machine gun.

dosage: 30mg/2x/day - sotret

side effects: none to report. i don't even have chapped lips.


got the results of my bloodwork yesterday. my cholesterol has increased from 206 (1/08) to 216 (8/08). i'm a 5'5", 125 pescatarian. i don't know if this is directly related to the claravis, since i just started taking it on 7.11.08. from this point forward, i'm going to have my cholesterol tested every month. maybe that'll give me a better idea as to whether the claravis is causing the spike.

went to my derm today and she bumped my dosage up to 30mg/2x/day. i feel better, as the 30mg/day wasn't enough. in short, she didn't want to start me at a high dose. instead, she wanted to give the drug time to work into my system. also, the higher dose may have produced a worse initial breakout. she did warn that since my current dosage has increased, i may experience another ib.

i have a few of the prednisone pills left to take. instead of 80mg/day (total), i was actually taking 40mg/day (total). my mistake. i did the ipledge thing today, so i'll get my prescription for the next 30 days tomorrow or sunday. i don't want to miss any days. trying to do the right thing, so this medication works to the best of its ability. hopefully this acne will be gone before the end of this year.

as far as my face, i got some cortisone injections today. maybe 5, as i had a few whiteheads. i feel another huge one coming on my forehead. hopefully the injection will stop that bugger in its tracks. overall, my face looks better today, than it did on monday. guess that's a combo of the claravis, prednisone and injections. whatever the reason(s), i'm not complaining. even my derm mentioned my face has improved.

side effects: none to report


maybe it's my imagination, but i have noticed a little improvement in my face. don't know if it's because of the prednisone and/or cortisone injections. my skin doesn't feel as bumpy, when i apply the cetaphil lotion. i looked at myself in the mirror, w/the lights on, instead of off and didn't get that sad feeling in the pit of my stomach. instead, i thought, not great, but not as bad. i feel one pimple forming on the left side of my mouth. to my credit, i haven't tried to pop it. instead, i'm practicing self control and will allow it to take its natural course.

i have my next derm appt on 8.8.08. assuming my bloodwork doesn't show any problems, i'll be starting my 2nd month of claravis. i still have to address the once daily vs twice daily dosage issue w/her. also, we have to discuss my actual dosage amount. i really believe my correct dosage should be 30mg-50mg/2x/day, instead of 30mg/1x/day. i'm going in there like an attorney, ready to state my case.

as far as side effects... no dry lips, decreased night vision, achy joints/bones, hair loss, etc. still drinking about 100 ozs of water, which i think has really helped me avoid chapped lips. the only side effect i think i've experienced would be the IB. even now, i'm not sure it was actually the IB. let's hope it was.



2nd entry for the day...

i just returned from seeing the substitute derm. gave her a quick rundown. she called in my regular derm, who looked at my face and... well, let's just say, i told her, "you don't have a good poker face." she didnt know what to say that wouldn't hurt my feelings. we agreed that my acne has gotten worse. both derms said that's pretty much expected from accutane. gets worse before it gets better. so, i was given 40mg (each tablet) of prednisone. i'm to take two tablets each day (total 80mg), in addition to my 30mg/day of claravis. basically, i was told that i could take all three pills at the same time, w/plenty of food.

one drawback: my regular derm indicated the prednisone hopefully will help control my initial outbreak. however, once i stop taking it, i may break out again. as of this time, i'll only be on it for one week.

guess the one good result is that i was able to get all of my zits injected w/cortisone. hope that bodes well for the inflammation to subside, in time for me to look presentable this weekend. if not, another cancelled date and i'll just overdose on the olympics.

i'm running out of words to describe how i feel. :( they need to get some more "smiley" faces. i think i'm in for a rough ride, through this claravis treatment.


this was a post i made in the accutane forum. decided to put it in my blog, just as an fyi:

i was really bored last night (7.31.08). so, i read the contraindications and warnings for claravis. i started taking it on 7.11.08. i'm 5'5, 125 lbs and my derm prescribed 30mg/day (one pill). i was reading the dosage and administration section. it clearly states: 'the safety of once daily dosing w/claravis has not been established. once daily dosing is not recommended.' in continuing, i have severe recalcitrant nodular acne. i'm thinking these last three weeks have been a complete waste of time. based on my weight and severity of my acne, from the beginning, i should have been prescribed between 50-100mg/day (combo of two pills). now, i'm pissed and really want to address this issue w/my derm. i have 8 pills left and am scheduled to see the derm next friday.

does anyone else have info regarding once daily vs twice daily dosing?

back to the blog: all right. today, i'm actually going to the derm for some cortisone injections. unfortunately, i won't be able to see my regular derm. so, i'll run some of my questions by the substitute derm and let my regular derm know about my concerns on 8.8.08. i have plans for the weekend. hopefully i'll feel comfortable enough w/my face to actually go on my date. hoping these injections work.

my face: well, i have about 15 actives right now. i'm trying my damndest not to touch my face, so i can't actually feel them. just going by the ones i can see. there is a conga line of five, which formed on the left side of my mouth. i have two huge ones on my chin and an unbelieveably huge one on my forehead (again). seriously, the one on my forehead is the second biggest i've ever seen on my face. the huge one on my nose is coming to a head. hopefully the injection will take care of it.

i'm thinking the medication is working, but again, i'm not sure whether the dosage is enough. i drink about 100 ozs of water each day. i was using aquaphor for my lips. however, i can go w/out aquaphor and my lips aren't dry/chapped. for my face, i use cetaphil. before accutane, this would leave my face looking quite shiny. now, that's not the case. out of habit, i blot my face, but truthfully, i don't look shiny. mentally, acne is winning the battle, but i'm determined to win the war. physically, i feel fine. no issues w/joints, decreased night vision, etc. i had my bloodwork done today, as i move into my 2nd month on saturday. hopefully, my levels remain acceptable.

so far, i think my acne has gotten worse over these first 25 days. from what i've read, that's to be expected. i'll see what the rest of this treatment has in store for me.


i've gotten in the habit of taking weekly pictures of my face. i want some sort of record. the old before and after shots. anyway, i washed my face and applied cetaphil moisturizing lotion. no big deal. i looked at my face and began crying. talk about feeling helpless. i noticed two new outbreaks on my forehead. additionally, i noticed four new outbreaks around my jawline. not to mention the finer, smaller bumps, which have invaded my cheeks. fu**, fu**, fu**. i've been unsuccessful in posting pics on this site, but i'll keep trying.

yesterday, i mentioned feeling the beginning of a mega zit on the right side of my nose. well, it has arrived, w/trumpets blaring. it hurts when i flare my nostrils. it hurts when i touch it. yeah, yeah, i know, don't touch it. i tried to see if i could pop it, but it hurt too much, so i left finally it alone.

funny, i went to the dermatologist for a cortisone injection. she injected a few of the bigger cysts. i wanted her to inject more. she wouldn't do it. her words, "i've given you enough for this visit." aint that some sh**? i had about six or seven more that i wanted injected. oh well.

i refuse to talk w/my friends about acne, as they have clear skin and think i'm crazy. so, i'll ask it here... i've been thinking about going to a nutritionist or someone. basically, i'm at a loss as to why my face continues to breakout. i didn't have acne as a teenager and into my mid 20s. in 2001, my face began to breakout and hasn't stopped. what the hell could have happened? i'm not getting an answer from my derm. which doctor can answer my question? i'll have the bloodwork done. maybe i've become allergic to something and don't know it.


clear face, clear face, clear face... that is my mantra. no, my skin didn't magically get clear overnight. instead, i'm trying to remain positive, regarding this bout w/acne.

so, i have a few new outbreaks on my cheeks. i feel a mega pimple coming on the right side of my nose. funny, well in the figurative sense, i was putting on my earrings yesterday and felt an eruption, right by my ear. i didn't even notice this one, as it's almost off my face. i refuse to count the number of actives, as it's too depressing. let's just say that i see some improvements, but those are neutralized by the additional outbreaks i see on my face.

guess the good news is that i started my period on monday. normally that causes me to breakout. so, i'm thinking that maybe my increased number of eruptions is the result of my period. if that's true, then i'm still waiting for the increase in eruptions, as a result of accutane. almost damned if i do, damned if i don't.

on 8.4.08, i go back to my doctor for testing. before i started accutane, my cholesterol was borderline high. i hope the medication doesn't boost me too much. next appointment w/the derm is 8.8.08. i'm expecting to have my dosage increased.

regarding side effects, all is ok. no chapped lips, drinking plenty of water. cetaphil has taken care of my flaking skin. little back pain, but i attribute that to my period.


ok, i have a few new breakouts. two cysts are smack dab in the middle of my forehead. the cluster on my chin. well, i popped each of them on saturday night. yeah, yeah, i know popping zits is a no-no, but i absolutely couldn't take them any longer. i saturated them w/bp for several days. unfortunately, i think that only made them stronger. go figure.

historically, the right side of my face tends to be worse than my left side. this remains true, as i have two new cysts on my upper right cheek. for the longest time, i thought sleeping on my stomach played a part in aggravating my acne. for months, i've been trying to sleep on my back. needless to say, this is most uncomfortable and not really helping my breakouts. guess i may as well go back to sleeping in my most comfortable position.

also, i'm noticing fine bumps on both cheeks and all over my chin. at this point, i don't know what's to come of them. did i mention this sh** is beyond aggravating? for every step forward, there seems to be four steps backward. in other words, for every zit that goes away, i seem to get four to replace it. aaarrrgggghhhh!

on the positive side... the cetaphil has eliminated my dry skin, although maybe a little too well. now, i find myself blotting my face, to keep the shine at a minimum. i continue to drink plenty of water. no chapped lips, achy bones, poorer vision, etc.

i'm looking at changing my diet. i eat a lot of pasta, cheese, butter and bread. for two decades, this has been my diet. for the first 14 of the last 20 years, no problem w/this diet. now, maybe this is contributing to my acne. at this point, i'm willing to try damn near anything to clear my face.


yesterday, i went to my derm's office, in an attempt to get cortisone shots, as my face is out of control. to make a very long story short, i wasn't able to get the shots. as i walked back to my car, i felt tears coming to my eyes. i looked in the mirror and felt utterly helpless. i thought about going back today, but will not do it, as my date for this weekend will not take place. at this point, i don't even want to go to work, so i definitely don't want to go on a date.

to be blunt, i fu**in' hate the cysts on my face. my most recent count is up to 16 eruptions. to be fair, not all of them are cysts. however, they are all noticeable, in one form or another. i've stopped using oil of olay moisturizer, as it wasn't getting the job done. i didn't like the way my face felt, after i applied it. also, it didn't do much for flaking. so, i've moved onto cetaphil moisturizing lotion (for all skin types). my face feels so much better and it has drastically reduced flaking.

this marks day #15 on claravis. i'm scheduled for bloodwork on 8.4.08 and the next appointment w/the derm is on 8.8.08. at the least, i'm expecting to be bumped up to 40mg/day. at the most, 60mg/day. right now, i'm at 30mg/day.

i purchased some benzoyl peroxide (10%) and have been using it for five days or so. i thought the bp would drastically reduce my current inflammation. so far, no such luck.

as far as side effects, so far so good. i'm drinking plenty of water, so my lips are not dry. my face is drier, but that's probably caused by the medication or maybe the bp or maybe a combination of both. i'm not sure if i'm experiencing my initial breakout. if this not the initial breakout...


this is beyond frustrating. i've read about the initial outbreak. however, something tells me this is not the initial outbreak, which makes me wonder how i'll handle it. i have a date this weekend. so, i've been putting bp on my zits, hoping they'll be much less noticeable, over the next 3 days. as i was applying the bp, i counted 12 active zits. four have formed a cluster on one side of my chin. another two are on the other side of my chin. there are three on my forehead. i have one on each cheek and the final one is on the side of my nose. some are still forming, while others have popped, on their own. last night, i tried to pop the one on my nose, but wasn't successful. as i washed my face this morning and felt zit after zit after zit, all i could do was sigh.

i guess the upside is that my skin feels less grainy, scaly, whatever. i've been applying more and more moisturizer, which makes me think it has something to do w/the claravis making my skin less oily. damn, i haven't even made it through two weeks. what does the rest of this treatment have in store for me?


my skin continues to be dry beyond belief. i changed moisturizers and certain areas of my face are still incredibly dry. also, my cheeks feel rough, almost like there are grains of sand on my skin. my forehead and chin feel smooth, except the cysts. weird. i don't get my skin, but that's been the case for the last seven years. for the most part, i don't want to complain about dry skin, as i think it's a sign the medication is working. so, i'll deal w/it.

i'm drinking about 90 ounces of water each day. maybe that's helping w/my lips not being dry. i use blistex, but don't need to go overboard. unfortunately, i'm still getting breakouts almost daily. there are two monster cysts on my forehead. also, there's an eruption occurring on my chin. at last count, there were five. i found another one on the side of my nose. i've resisted the urge to pick, but the one on the side of my nose is so tempting.

this crap is for the birds...

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